How Much Does It Cost to do Interior Painting of a House?


The avg cost to paint the interior of a home according to homeadvisor is a little over 2k. The min and max price is usually between 500 and 5k, but most homeowners report between 1k to 3k. Lets discuss how much it will cost to do interior painting for you home.

The avg cost to do interior painting for you home depends on several factors. Painting the inside of a home is not a one size fits all situation. For example, the cost to paint the interior of a 1,400 sq ft home will be a lot less than the cost to paint a 5k sq ft home. To be safe, estimate 1k to start. Go up from there if you have lots of rooms and multiple stories. Also go up if you have old paint that needs to be scraped away.

You may be wondering if there a formula that links home sq footage to the cost of do interior painting? Some say yes. First, measure the interior sq ft of your home and multiply it by the height of your home. Take this measurement from the ground to the roof line. Then you want to subtract out windows and doorways you don’t plan to paint. If you don’t feel like being specific you can skip the windows and doors. If you plan on painting the trim with a different color include that in the measurement as well.

So now that you have the approx sq footage that will be painted in your home’s interior you can figure out how much paint you’ll need. Then you can determine a rough estimate on how much it will cost to paint your house interior. A gallon of paint covers between 300 and 500 sq ft. This varies depending on the surface material you’ll be painting over. For example, you will need more if you’re painting a rough, porous material, or if you over darker paint with a lighter color. This is because you’ll need a coat of primer to cover up that darker color and then apply the lighter paint.

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What Are Some Skills Every Roofer Should Have To Do A Roof Replacement

Here, we are going to speak from the customer’s point of view, not from the point of a professional roofer doing a roof replacement. After all, if a roofer is going to any internet website to find out what he should know to do a roof replacement, well they are probably not someone you want working on your roof.

No, we’re talking here from a customer experience, and we can’t emphasize this enough, the number 1 criteria is their experience in the business.

We can only assume that contractors hire the best roofers, so again we’re not talking about individual roofers but what do you need to look for in a roofing contractor?

So what is the best way to find a good rather than a humdrum roofing company?

We’d say start with experience. In our opinion, most people will be much better off hiring a roofing company with 3 to 7 years of experience than one that’s just been in business for 6 months.

There may be exceptions, but do you really want to trust your roof to a new roofer?

Check the word of mouth

Check as many friends, co-workers and family you can find. Chances are one or two of them have had a roofer put a new roof on their home. Did they do a great job at a reasonable price? Then consider them on your list of candidates.

Check with lumber supply companies

Another way to get great references besides going on the internet to Yelp or Angie’s List is check with local lumber suppliers. Ask them who they would recommend as a local roofer.

Finally, ask the companies for customer references
If they supply them, then great, call them up. If they won’t supply them, take a pass.

Also check their license and insurance

Before hiring any type of roofer, you want to make sure they are licensed and for your protection, make sure they have adequate damage insurance.

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How much does a painter charge per room?

pittsburgh house painting

Today we’re going to discuss the amount it cost to paint an inside room.

So there are many individuals who are keen on knowing how much a Pittsburgh house painting company is going to cost to paint an inside room inside their home.

Yet before a proficient painter can give you a quote we first need to know a couple subtleties.

The primary thing we need to know is the size of the room.

So we need to realize how long it is the manner by which wide it is and how tall the dividers are.

The subsequent thing we need to know is the thing what surfaces are we going to paint?

Are we simply going to paint the dividers or are we going to paint the dividers and roof or are we likewise going to do the trim?

When we know the extent of work then we need to realize how much prep is going to be required for every one of those surfaces.

Then we will be painting and at that point we additionally need to know the number of colors will be utilized in that room.

When we have all that data at that point we can concoct a cost for how much it will cost to paint that room.

So we should think of certain models.

In the first model we will do a basic lounge area that is 10 feet wide by 12 feet in length by 8 feet tall.

We’re simply going to do the dividers.

Now in this condition we will say that the dividers are in amazing consummately great shape and all it will be is a brisk repaint of two layers of paint.

So a cost for painting a room to that effect for my organization will be about $400.

Now on the off chance that we take another model and we take that equivalent room and we add on the roofs.

Suppose that in this model there’s in reality some prep work on the dividers there’s certain imprints and dings.

Perhaps a pressure break that necessities to get fixed and finished and prepared.

At that point what we need to do is we’re going to charge somewhat extra for that extra painting work.

The additional painting materials and now we will concoct a cost to paint the room that will be somewhere near $650.

Now in the event that we take that model one step further.

Suppose that our customer additionally needs the trim painted.

Well for this model suppose that the trim needs a lot of fixing.

Now contingent on how much trim there is what’s more, if the windows are incorporated, if there’s an entryway included, if it’s baseboards and crown embellishment.

And how much prep there is with filling and sanding and preparing and caulking of that trim.

We could be taking a gander at a value that runs somewhere in the range of $900 and $1600 to paint a room that size.

I trust you discovered this data valuable.

How to move large furniture by yourself

furniture removal Houston

Hi there and welcome back to the channel.

Sometimes you have to furniture removal Houston for a customer.

You can use four foot furniture slides because they are alot longer than the small ones that you would put under a single leg.

They are adjustable.

They are advantageous because all of the weight and all of the tension is down on the ground.

You can even be pulled on them very easily and are a tremendous help.

However if you are working on a tall dresser, these are going to be just fine.

If you have the antique furniture with a long skinny leg it might wiggle on the legs because you’re putting pressure on the leg to bow in and out.

These straps help remove the tension on the skinny legs.

A piano has long skinny legs and if you try to push it you might break them off, but with these straps you can slide it perfectly without putting any strain on the legs of the piano.

A four foot sled may not be long enough to move a piece of large furniture.

You can place two on the back legs and move king size mattresses all by yourself very easily.

You just lay down two and put the mattress on it and slide it.

If you are dealing with wide furniture just leave it about six inches or so sticking out the front and the back and lean it over and slide it with your feet.

When all of this leg is on the little cushion piece you are good.

When you put weight on the cushion it gives a good bite so its good when you start pulling on it.

First thing you want to do is get it turned around to the doorway.

You don’t have to empty the furniture just push with everything in it.

What are some things a painting company can do to be more environmentally friendly?

Painting and the environment. Hey there! If you are in the painting the painting industry but also love the great outdoors, you may be wondering how painters Pittsburgh can be more environmental friendly. Well, today your question will be answered the best way possible. Here are some tips to help painters become more environmental friendly.

For starters, you should never buy more paint than you need or will actually use. The number one mistake painters make is that they buy way too much paint and end up not using it all. This is wasteful and causes factories to overproduce paint. So next time you go to buy paint, calculate the approximate amount of paint you need for the project at hand.

Secondly, the less paint you use the better it is for the environment. To avoid having to use multiple layers of paint, using high grade paint is strongly recommended. Always wash dirty walls before you paint. And remember, don’t use too much paint.

Also, it is a good idea to sand down bumpy walls to smooth them out. This allows for easier painting. It also keeps the paint from from cracking and prevents peeling as well. Be sure that you fill in any holes that may be in the walls. If you do this it will allow you to use less paint.

Moreover, before you dispose of your paint, ask around to see if anyone in your area is in need of paint. Your neighbor may be seeking to repaint the house. Your paint just might be the color they were looking for. You can also store the left over paint in a cool dry place to save it for another project.

Last but not least, you should always properly dispose of leftover paint. To do this just take off the lid and let the paint dry out. Then throw it away.

The Green Caterer

the green caterer

So how does one combine environment and catering service?

Well you’ll be pleased to know that it doesn’t take a science degree in rocketry or a philosophic mind trip to bring these two love birds together in one cage.

Well that was a mouth full…

Ok, corny catering humor.

So when you think of catering most people think of weddings.

I mean, who wants to deal with food at a wedding?

No one.

So what does a boxed lunches event have to do with the environment in CT?


You see catering has its own sets of needs.

Some of those needs if not watched carefully produce bio hazardous waste.

Such as…

Tin Foil!

Yes, the dredded tin foil.

A caterers best friend.

The Earth’s worst enemy.

So that brings us to the climax in this story.

How does a caterer provide catering without using tin foil?

5 Green Alternatives to Aluminum Foil…

Cedar Wraps
Beeswax Food Wraps
Silicone Food Covers
Silicone Baking Sheets or Mats
Glass Containers

And there you have it my caterer friends. You’ve just moved a step closer on your journey to becoming…

The Green Caterer!

Until next time…stay fresh!

How A Paint Contractor Can Be More Green

Paint is perhaps the most used building material in the world. Yet paint has a problem, particularly the portland cement component of paint. It requires a very high level of Co2 emissions to work with the material properly.

One solution, and it’s a good one, is to use recycled paint. By grinding up recycled cement, the material can be ground into a green paint aggregate and little or no additional Co2 is produced.

Another method is to replace portland cement with waste materials, such as slag (from blast furnaces) and in and fly ash (from coal-fired power stations.

Another green saving initiative is being used in places such as Australia where steel supports for paint are being replaced with recycled plastic supports. In many instances, the plastic reinforcement is just as strong or almost as strong as that using steel and it is a whole lot more environmentally friendly.

Paint contractors are learning that people are more than willing to pay for painters in Pittsburgh PA that include environmentally green work because more and more people realize how important it is to protect the environment.

The main thing for a contractor to do as to establish whether they will be an environmentally friendly service or not. Quite often, this involves a completely new orientation to business.

One suggestion would be to contact two or three highly reputable and respected green certification companies and ask for their suggestions as to how your contracting business can become green. In addition, many state contracting organizations will have suggestions.

Many contractors realize it’s a sooner or later situation. Sooner or later, local or state laws will force contractors to be.come green, and by then you won’t have any choice but to either close your business or adapt.

By adapting now, and doing everything in your power to use recycled material, and perhaps change the consistency of your paint, you’ll be far ahead of the power curve. And your customers will hardly skip a beat if you do it intelligently.

How to Make Your Air Duct Cleaning Service Eco Friendly

eco friendly air duct cleaning

So you’re in the ductworks business. Life’s good helping people breath fresh air. Helping keep people healthy. Saving them from air born pollutants, killer mold, hidden critters. Regular Indiana Jones! But what’s your impact on the globe? You may be doing more harm than good. Let’s do some inward analysis and see where we may be falling short with respect to good ol’ mother nature.

Let’s start with chemicals. Most air ducts are breeding grounds for bacteria, mold, and mildew. So it’s no wonder that an air duct cleaning company would benefit from offering a way to kill off these micro pests. But what harm are you imposing on your customers? What harm are you imposing on the environment? In steps eco friendly, human friendly, biocide. Now I’m not talking about your run of the mill biocide here. These are made from eco friendly ingredients like hydrogen peroxide and silver. The impact on the environment and human population is notta. In fact, hydrogen peroxide turns into oxygen and water. That’s a good thing!

Energy. How can we keep from wasting it as an air duct cleaning company? Lot’s of ways! First fuel. Conserve fuel by getting electric or hybrid vehicles for day to day travel. Use maps to figure out the best, shortest routes. Practice good driving techniques to reduce fuel consumption. Not only will this help the environment, but also help your wallet! Next your customers HVAC. Yep. You can improve the energy efficiency of their system by cleaning out their blower fan and evaporator coils in addition to cleaning their vents and ductwork. Not only does this conserve their energy consumption, it saves them money and get’s you awesome reviews and referrals! Win win.

Trees. My favorite topic. Saved the best for last. Get paper out of your world. Go paperless. Their is no reason to be forking out money on paper in this day in age. Go digital. Receipts can be emailed. Messages can be texted. Notifications can be automated. The sky is literally the limit. I searched online for “air duct cleaning frisco” and looked into several air duct cleaning companies online. They were completely digital and all doing there part. So can you!

Well that’s all for now. Stay tuned for more insight on how small business can save the planet!

How to Make Your Home Inspection Service a Little Greener

If you run a home inspection business then you are probably looking for a way to make that business stand out from the crowd. One way to do that is to offer a service that provides home inspection reports with a focus on the environment. Many buyers are looking for homes that are greener and more environmentally sustainable, so this is a great approach to take as a home inspector.

It’s not the job of a home inspector to report on the energy consumption and similar green aspects of a home, however. The home inspector is there to identify issues that may be detrimental to the buyer. Performing a green home inspection will focus mostly on identifying problems that affect the environmentally safe aspects of a home, in addition to detecting conventional property inspection issues.

There are three main aspects to consider with an eco friendly home inspection.

1. The energy efficiency of the home.

This will focus on energy wastage and problematic inefficiencies. Are there any issues with the home’s insulation that need to be reported? Are there any faulty thermostats for the household heating and water heater that are leading to unnecessary waste. If the house has solar panels then is there any issue with the wiring and other components of those panels that is reducing their expected effectiveness?

2. Use of sustainable materials and building practices.

While these topics are largely outside the scope of a home inspector you can mention the building materials used in your report if there are any issues with them. A green home inspection may involve looking at eco friendly building materials more closely to report on any issues that are specific to the types of materials used for a green home.

3. The health and well-being aspects of the home.

Part of a home inspector’s job is to determine if there are any safety issues in the home. This may include checking for materials that have issues that cause them to emit VOCs (volatile organic compounds). These types of issues are often indicators of environmentally unsafe practices by builders and renovators, so they may be a point of concern for an eco friendly buyer.

Eco friendly home inspection provides more than just a useful service for your customers. With climate change and pollution threatening both the environment and the human race, helping people find environmentally safe homes is a morally responsible approach to take as a home inspector. So consider how you can help your customers buy green homes that are better for them and the environment.

I did some research online and discovered several green home inspectors. One I found that looked pretty good I found by searching home inspection Grand Prairie. I called Welks Home Inspection and asked some questions and discovered they too take into account the evironment when doing a home inspection. It’s good to know that real business owners are doing their part to save the environment.

Remember, every little bit helps. Save the trees!

How To Make Your Small Business More Eco-Friendly

Small changes breed more significant results. That is precisely the case when it comes to having an environmentally friendly business. According to scientists, around 8 million tons of plastics end up in our seas and oceans each year. The repercussions are so dire that we have started feeling the height of climate change. As an eco-conscious business, you need to take a stance about your energy, waste, and water, and how they have an impact on the surrounding environment. Peruse further to read about tips that will help you have a small green business.

recycle cell phone
Recycle Your E-Waste
An environmentally conscious company is one that aims to reduce its carbon footprint. It starts with your electronic waste. Technology is rapidly advancing, and the number of mobile phones, telephones, televisions people throw away is alarming. Unwanted tech devices end up in dumpsites in every corner of a major city. Your business should join other eco-friendly companies and dispose of its e-waste correctly. Search online and identify e-waste recycling locations within your business’ neighborhood. You can also give away unutilized electronic devices to charity instead of littering the environment.

small business eco friendly cleaning products
Use Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products
Going green starts with how you clean your business premises. Cleaning products contain chemicals that are toxic to the environment. Learn to embrace environmentally friendly cleaning products that are easy on your hands and breathing system.

small business energy efficient appliances
Utilize Energy-Efficient Appliances
Don’t you think your old office appliances are too hard on the environment? It’s time you replace them with energy-saving apparatus that will help you establish an eco-small business. The next time you purchase an office appliance, check the energy rating on it and make sure you pick the one that’s beneficial in terms of less energy usage.

small business eco friendly building
Rent an Eco-Friendly Business Premise
When you want to relocate your business to a new setting, make sure you consider a Building Management System (BMS). A BMS encompasses lighting, heating, and Ventilation Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems that will help you cut operational costs by a substantial margin of up to 15%. An updated BMS that makes use of eco-friendly building materials will include a price-conscious electrical system. Such a building will make help you achieve a sustainable small business by potentially saving a lot from electrical consumption.

small business eco friendly solar panels
Make Use of Renewable Resources
As cliché as this sounds, utilizing renewable resources can be your first step in becoming one of the environmentally friendly companies. Add solar panels to generate electricity or heat water. You can also go the extra mile and recapture the heat emitted by your computers and use it to heat your pool. How about you turn to wind or geothermal energy?

small business eco friendly cloud computing
Implement Cloud Computing
When it comes to fostering an eco-friendly environment, no one has put in more effort than cloud providers. Cloud computing is causing an overhaul in computer storage and has emerged as a great alternative to storing your vital files. IT equipment such as servers and other hardware are a massive contributor to energy utilization and harm the environment. You can avert this by adopting host clients in place of typical desktops. Cloud storage will reduce reliance on hardware.

small business eco friendly telecommute
Go Remote
A lot of heat and carbon waste gets emitted in tight office spaces. Telepresence and remote working can help you reduce carbon footprints in a sizeable way. Think about how you’ll save on costly office workspace and carbon-intensive commutes? You don’t have to guzzle energy in a suburb while you can relocate your office to a more viable place.

small business eco friendly go paperless
Do Away with Paper Completely
Paper is not one of the reusable products. Eliminating its use in your work set-up has the potential of creating a small manageable world that is carbon-free. You can cut off paper use by replacing it with a computerized management system that will help you scan and store business information with ease. You will subsequently shed off paper consumption in a big way.

small business eco friendly packaging Adopt Eco-Friendly Packaging
If you want to reduce the amount of energy and water used during packaging, you’ll need to avoid a few critical non-bio wastes:

  • Polyethylene plastics
  • Polystyrene
  • Fossil Fuel
  • Styrofoam

In their place, use plant-based plastics, recycled material, recycled molded packaging, and biodegradable plastics to pack your products. This way, you’ll accomplish environmentally friendly packaging. You can also try selecting items that require less packaging or tool your products to fit biodegradable packaging requirements.

small business eco friendly water savings
Curb Unnecessary Water Usage
Be water-wise. Start by auditing your taps. You don’t want to paint a bad image of your firm when you consciously waste away water- which is precious. Make sure all toilet taps hold water that they need and that none spills away. For a small business like yours, think about erecting low-water urinals and low flow restrooms. You can also purchase a water tank to tap rainwater. Another water-smart move would be to replace your dishwashers, laundry systems, and cooling towers to the more energy-efficient and low-water ones.

small business eco friendly customer incentives
Give Your Customers Incentives
A business is non-existent without customers. In your quest to use eco-friendly products, you need to incentivize your customers to do the same. Offer them enticing bonuses to turn green. For one, you can offer small discounts for anyone who’d instead use their eco storage bag rather than a disposable. You can also encourage them to use environmentally friendly products by giving away free shopping bags, green Tees, eco wrist bands, or even organize a go-green sensitization program.

small business eco friendly carpooling
Start A Carpool or Ride a Bike to Work
You can rally your employees to go green by riding a bicycle to work. Ample benefits will likely include less carbon emission since you avoid commuting. You can also create a carpool with people headed in the same location of work, rather than each one of you riding their car. As the owner, you can establish a ‘Leave the car at home’ policy that will enable your employees to join the going-green movement.

Wrapping Up
Going eco is never easy for a small business that is trying to balance the books. However, you can go green by adopting sustainable products and eco-friendly materials in the various phases of production, packaging, and sales.