The Green Caterer

the green caterer

So how does one combine environment and catering service?

Well you’ll be pleased to know that it doesn’t take a science degree in rocketry or a philosophic mind trip to bring these two love birds together in one cage.

Well that was a mouth full…

Ok, corny catering humor.

So when you think of catering most people think of weddings.

I mean, who wants to deal with food at a wedding?

No one.

So what does a boxed lunches event have to do with the environment in CT?


You see catering has its own sets of needs.

Some of those needs if not watched carefully produce bio hazardous waste.

Such as…

Tin Foil!

Yes, the dredded tin foil.

A caterers best friend.

The Earth’s worst enemy.

So that brings us to the climax in this story.

How does a caterer provide catering without using tin foil?

5 Green Alternatives to Aluminum Foil…

Cedar Wraps
Beeswax Food Wraps
Silicone Food Covers
Silicone Baking Sheets or Mats
Glass Containers

And there you have it my caterer friends. You’ve just moved a step closer on your journey to becoming…

The Green Caterer!

Until next time…stay fresh!