How to move large furniture by yourself

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Sometimes you have to furniture removal Houston for a customer.

You can use four foot furniture slides because they are alot longer than the small ones that you would put under a single leg.

They are adjustable.

They are advantageous because all of the weight and all of the tension is down on the ground.

You can even be pulled on them very easily and are a tremendous help.

However if you are working on a tall dresser, these are going to be just fine.

If you have the antique furniture with a long skinny leg it might wiggle on the legs because you’re putting pressure on the leg to bow in and out.

These straps help remove the tension on the skinny legs.

A piano has long skinny legs and if you try to push it you might break them off, but with these straps you can slide it perfectly without putting any strain on the legs of the piano.

A four foot sled may not be long enough to move a piece of large furniture.

You can place two on the back legs and move king size mattresses all by yourself very easily.

You just lay down two and put the mattress on it and slide it.

If you are dealing with wide furniture just leave it about six inches or so sticking out the front and the back and lean it over and slide it with your feet.

When all of this leg is on the little cushion piece you are good.

When you put weight on the cushion it gives a good bite so its good when you start pulling on it.

First thing you want to do is get it turned around to the doorway.

You don’t have to empty the furniture just push with everything in it.