How to Make Your Home Inspection Service a Little Greener

If you run a home inspection business then you are probably looking for a way to make that business stand out from the crowd. One way to do that is to offer a service that provides home inspection reports with a focus on the environment. Many buyers are looking for homes that are greener and more environmentally sustainable, so this is a great approach to take as a home inspector.

It’s not the job of a home inspector to report on the energy consumption and similar green aspects of a home, however. The home inspector is there to identify issues that may be detrimental to the buyer. Performing a green home inspection will focus mostly on identifying problems that affect the environmentally safe aspects of a home, in addition to detecting conventional property inspection issues.

There are three main aspects to consider with an eco friendly home inspection.

1. The energy efficiency of the home.

This will focus on energy wastage and problematic inefficiencies. Are there any issues with the home’s insulation that need to be reported? Are there any faulty thermostats for the household heating and water heater that are leading to unnecessary waste. If the house has solar panels then is there any issue with the wiring and other components of those panels that is reducing their expected effectiveness?

2. Use of sustainable materials and building practices.

While these topics are largely outside the scope of a home inspector you can mention the building materials used in your report if there are any issues with them. A green home inspection may involve looking at eco friendly building materials more closely to report on any issues that are specific to the types of materials used for a green home.

3. The health and well-being aspects of the home.

Part of a home inspector’s job is to determine if there are any safety issues in the home. This may include checking for materials that have issues that cause them to emit VOCs (volatile organic compounds). These types of issues are often indicators of environmentally unsafe practices by builders and renovators, so they may be a point of concern for an eco friendly buyer.

Eco friendly home inspection provides more than just a useful service for your customers. With climate change and pollution threatening both the environment and the human race, helping people find environmentally safe homes is a morally responsible approach to take as a home inspector. So consider how you can help your customers buy green homes that are better for them and the environment.

I did some research online and discovered several green home inspectors. One I found that looked pretty good I found by searching home inspection Grand Prairie. I called Welks Home Inspection and asked some questions and discovered they too take into account the evironment when doing a home inspection. It’s good to know that real business owners are doing their part to save the environment.

Remember, every little bit helps. Save the trees!