How to Make Your Air Duct Cleaning Service Eco Friendly

eco friendly air duct cleaning

So you’re in the ductworks business. Life’s good helping people breath fresh air. Helping keep people healthy. Saving them from air born pollutants, killer mold, hidden critters. Regular Indiana Jones! But what’s your impact on the globe? You may be doing more harm than good. Let’s do some inward analysis and see where we may be falling short with respect to good ol’ mother nature.

Let’s start with chemicals. Most air ducts are breeding grounds for bacteria, mold, and mildew. So it’s no wonder that an air duct cleaning company would benefit from offering a way to kill off these micro pests. But what harm are you imposing on your customers? What harm are you imposing on the environment? In steps eco friendly, human friendly, biocide. Now I’m not talking about your run of the mill biocide here. These are made from eco friendly ingredients like hydrogen peroxide and silver. The impact on the environment and human population is notta. In fact, hydrogen peroxide turns into oxygen and water. That’s a good thing!

Energy. How can we keep from wasting it as an air duct cleaning company? Lot’s of ways! First fuel. Conserve fuel by getting electric or hybrid vehicles for day to day travel. Use maps to figure out the best, shortest routes. Practice good driving techniques to reduce fuel consumption. Not only will this help the environment, but also help your wallet! Next your customers HVAC. Yep. You can improve the energy efficiency of their system by cleaning out their blower fan and evaporator coils in addition to cleaning their vents and ductwork. Not only does this conserve their energy consumption, it saves them money and get’s you awesome reviews and referrals! Win win.

Trees. My favorite topic. Saved the best for last. Get paper out of your world. Go paperless. Their is no reason to be forking out money on paper in this day in age. Go digital. Receipts can be emailed. Messages can be texted. Notifications can be automated. The sky is literally the limit. I searched online for “air duct cleaning frisco” and looked into several air duct cleaning companies online. They were completely digital and all doing there part. So can you!

Well that’s all for now. Stay tuned for more insight on how small business can save the planet!