How Much Does It Cost to do Interior Painting of a House?


The avg cost to paint the interior of a home according to homeadvisor is a little over 2k. The min and max price is usually between 500 and 5k, but most homeowners report between 1k to 3k. Lets discuss how much it will cost to do interior painting for you home.

The avg cost to do interior painting for you home depends on several factors. Painting the inside of a home is not a one size fits all situation. For example, the cost to paint the interior of a 1,400 sq ft home will be a lot less than the cost to paint a 5k sq ft home. To be safe, estimate 1k to start. Go up from there if you have lots of rooms and multiple stories. Also go up if you have old paint that needs to be scraped away.

You may be wondering if there a formula that links home sq footage to the cost of do interior painting? Some say yes. First, measure the interior sq ft of your home and multiply it by the height of your home. Take this measurement from the ground to the roof line. Then you want to subtract out windows and doorways you don’t plan to paint. If you don’t feel like being specific you can skip the windows and doors. If you plan on painting the trim with a different color include that in the measurement as well.

So now that you have the approx sq footage that will be painted in your home’s interior you can figure out how much paint you’ll need. Then you can determine a rough estimate on how much it will cost to paint your house interior. A gallon of paint covers between 300 and 500 sq ft. This varies depending on the surface material you’ll be painting over. For example, you will need more if you’re painting a rough, porous material, or if you over darker paint with a lighter color. This is because you’ll need a coat of primer to cover up that darker color and then apply the lighter paint.

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