How A Paint Contractor Can Be More Green

Paint is perhaps the most used building material in the world. Yet paint has a problem, particularly the portland cement component of paint. It requires a very high level of Co2 emissions to work with the material properly.

One solution, and it’s a good one, is to use recycled paint. By grinding up recycled cement, the material can be ground into a green paint aggregate and little or no additional Co2 is produced.

Another method is to replace portland cement with waste materials, such as slag (from blast furnaces) and in and fly ash (from coal-fired power stations.

Another green saving initiative is being used in places such as Australia where steel supports for paint are being replaced with recycled plastic supports. In many instances, the plastic reinforcement is just as strong or almost as strong as that using steel and it is a whole lot more environmentally friendly.

Paint contractors are learning that people are more than willing to pay for painters in Pittsburgh PA that include environmentally green work because more and more people realize how important it is to protect the environment.

The main thing for a contractor to do as to establish whether they will be an environmentally friendly service or not. Quite often, this involves a completely new orientation to business.

One suggestion would be to contact two or three highly reputable and respected green certification companies and ask for their suggestions as to how your contracting business can become green. In addition, many state contracting organizations will have suggestions.

Many contractors realize it’s a sooner or later situation. Sooner or later, local or state laws will force contractors to be.come green, and by then you won’t have any choice but to either close your business or adapt.

By adapting now, and doing everything in your power to use recycled material, and perhaps change the consistency of your paint, you’ll be far ahead of the power curve. And your customers will hardly skip a beat if you do it intelligently.