Diversity driving today’s People’s Climate Actions across America


From coast to coast in rural and urban communities, people are engaging in a National Day of Action today to demand bold action for the global climate crisis. They are sending a powerful message of unity and solidarity: climate change is everyone’s issue and together we can change everything. The People’s Climate Movement liveblog is the hub for following all #PeoplesClimate actions online, highlighting a diverse movement that continues to grow and push for progress to transition the world away from dirty fuels and towards renewables. In Seattle, the march is expected to assemble immigrants, people of color, workers and environmentalists. In Florida much of the focus is on the state’s vulnerability to sea level rise. In Ohio, it was union leaders who lead calls for taking action to avoid climate consequences that disproportionately impact, “low-income people, workers, and communities of color.” Other demonstrations in cities like St. Louis, Pittsburgh and New York, where supporters took over Park Ave, told their stories using #PeoplesClimate ahead of a number of actions planned everywhere this evening including in Chicago, Washington, DC, Miami, Seattle and rural communities in between.



Key Points

  • Local calls for action show that support for global progress on tackling climate change is stronger than ever. In the buildup to the important negotiations in Paris later this year, almost 200 cities and communities around the country are partaking in the People’s Climate Movement’s National Day of Action demanding bold action on climate change. By linking grassroots efforts to global initiatives, local communities in the US are showing that people are invested in the shift towards a cleaner and healthier planet.
  • Support for transitioning to a clean energy economy is support for new jobs, healthier communities, and a sustainable economy. Those taking to the streets demanding climate action are fighting for a fair and just clean energy economy that provides new jobs and training for workers in the transition to renewable energy, while helping communities from coast to coast avoid the worst consequences of climate change.
  • Some of the actions in the streets want to avoid the climate crisis, but other focus embracing solutions. Clean energy technology is advancing and getting cheaper every day. Dollar-for-dollar, clean energy creates three times as many jobs as fossil fuels, and the wind and solar sectors are among the fastest growing in the economy. While clean energy is getting more affordable, it still needs investment and stability from governments that support the ongoing transition towards a renewable economy.