Australia set to fail emissions target as Govt spruiks fudged figures


Serious questions are already being asked about whether the Abbott government has been misleading about its emissions reduction target given even its own figures contradict its hyperbolic claims, but a new international analysis out today not only sheds more light on its creative accounting, but shows it is likely to dramatically fail its goal. The Climate Action Tracker has evaluated Australia’s emissions reduction target (26-28 per cent below 2005 levels by 2030), and found that the Government’s policies will actually deliver a 27 per cent increase in emissions in the same period (61 percent above 1990 levels). Prime Minister Tony Abbott might like to claim his target is “the best in the world” per capita, but the analysis shows it clearly remains among the worst. With Australia facing heavy impacts from rapid climate change, and the only response from the Abbott government being “purely political” “policy rubbish” and a high-cost alternative in “direct action”, it will be judged on its actions.



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  • “We have undertaken a forensic analysis of Australia’s climate target, and, contrary to government assertions, the abatement task has increased considerably over the years, reflecting the negative consequences of the Australian government’s repeal and amendments of key climate policies.” – Climate Analytics’ Dr Bill Hare
  • “Australia stands out as having the most work to do of any industrialised country to achieve its already inadequate climate target.” – NewClimate Institute’s Niklas Höhne
  • “It is clear that Australia’s currently planned policies are inconsistent with its 2030 target, Australia needs to implement substantially more policies to meet that target.” – Ecofys’ Kornelis Blok
  • “When the heads of states of governments at some point wanted to study where did the jobs come from. It turned out that the green sector … was even during the crisis year the big driver for new jobs. I know that some would say wind turbines are not exactly beautiful. But I would say the same about power plants, which also can be visually awful.” – Former European commissioner Connie Hedegaard
  • “Tackling climate change and moving to clean, renewable energy is the right thing to do. It’s the right thing to do to protect our health and wellbeing. The right thing to do to protect us from economic shocks from worsening extreme weather and opening new opportunities for jobs and investment in new industries. Australia’s response to meeting the challenge of Paris is disappointingly weak; it is out of step with the science and out of step with most of the developed world.” – Climate Councillor Professor Tim Flannery

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