Mayors call for climate to make TV waves during presidential debates in Florida


Florida mayors are pleading with TV moderators to press presidential candidates on climate issues during primary debates in the Sunshine State this week. In an open letter, 21 bipartisan mayors demanded that debate moderators  raise climate issues, noting that it would beunconscionable for these issues of grave concern for the people of Florida to not be addressed.” Florida is especially vulnerable to climate change, notably sea level rise and extreme weather impacts. As the first wave of debates kick off in Florida tonight, all eyes will be on the TV hosts to give climate change some air time — and it will be up to party candidates to respond to the people they intend on representing.


Key Points

  • Climate change hurts Floridians.  Florida is especially vulnerable to climate change, facing the highest risk of flooding throughout the country due to rising sea levels and extreme weather impacts, all of which threaten people’s health. With oceans expected to rise between 6.6 and 30 feet by 2100, Florida could be forced to displace thousands of people, creating a climate change refugees crisis.
  • With cities stepping up during the climate crisis, federal leaders will need to pull their weight. Across party lines, Florida mayors have realized that their state is at the forefront of the climate crisis. With their latest call for debate moderators to step in and make climate a pressing issue, it’s now up to primary candidates to step in regardless and let the people of Florida know that they are taking their needs seriously.