Leaked documents reveal corporate funders behind climate denier campaign


DeSmogBlog and others have obtained leaked internal documents from U.S. right wing think tank the Heartland Institute that confirm its corporate funding, revealing 2012 climate denial strategies to influence teachers and plans to and bring more fossil fuel company funding alongside. The documents reveal the existence of a major anonymous donor as well as substantial donations from the Koch brothers.


@Microsoft @GM Phillip Morris, Koch Brothers: funding Heartland to ensure kids don’t learn about climate change http://t.co/i27iq1jO #deniergate

Key Points

  • The Heartland Institute is one of the U.S. think tanks at the heart of the campaign denying climate science.  These documents prove many of the worst allegations made against the organization over their two-decade fight against climate science.
  • Leaked documents show that they have a secret donor who has given more than $1 million for them to run this climate science denial campaign.  Other funders include Microsoft, Phillip Morris and the Koch brothers.
  • The documents contain plans to undermine the US school curriculum in climate science, and a fundraising drive that could target “…corporations whose interests are threatened by climate policies.”  The documents were leaked to DeSmogBlog by an insider.


The Chicago-based Heartland Institute is one of the leading U.S. think tanks at the forefront of climate denial, recently running annual conferences sponsored by a global network of similar organizations.




Additional Coverage:

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