The Tree is a project dedicated to aggregating information and resources for individuals and groups engaged in public discourse on climate change and energy issues. By providing carefully fact-checked text, resources and compelling visual assets in a concise, accessible way, we aim to help people in Europe, North America, Latin America, China and Australia engage constructively in debates and communications around these issues. We operate in English, Spanish, Mandarin and French.

At no point do you have to attribute ‘The Tree’ when re-purposing our materials but aggregated resources and visuals should be credited as and where appropriate. Unless otherwise noted all images, and downloadable resources have been placed under a Creative Commons 3.0 license. You are free to use these materials, but please be advised that while we allow (and encourage) the use of these materials for publishing on commercial (for-profit) web properties, the resources themselves cannot be sold or repackaged for retail purposes.

‘The Tree’ is a service provided by the Global Call for Climate Action (GCCA), a network of more than 450 nonprofit organizations. The GCCA works to connect and facilitate the efforts of organizations from across the globe to communicate the urgency of climate change, promote the solutions before us and to mobilize support of government action at the national and international levels. For more information about the GCCA, please visit: http://www.tcktcktck.org